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"As an atheistic Satanist I can use Ritual or Magick to ease and calm myself in this structured world, it's given me answers to questions that I'd have not come to if it wasn't for the meditative structure of rituals and Magick. This is a psychodramatic event that can be life changing for some, myself included"

Satanic Magick or Satanic Ritual is an act of self help performed in which real benefits are derived from to support a life event. The psychodramatic effect of such acts such as manifestation, casting a spell or performing a ritual has real consequential benefits for the practitioners, such acts are focused on the when one is at a mental discomfort for example- relieving grief, relieving anxiety, in which real benefits are derived from, the psychodramatic effect of such an event such as manifestation or meditation has real consequences for the human condition. contribution towards helping with mental health and much more. 

Though there are differences between acts such as satanic prayer, Satanic Magick, Satanic Ritual, Satanic Masses: they all have the common theme of action at a will, meaning If you do something with a will, *you do it with a lot of passion and energy*. Set to work with a will and be pleased with the amount you get done. Action = consequences and it always something they contributes towards the main event, these are systems which support your daily life. 

In other works- Satanists like feeling fucking good and they’ll always try and help themselves and others in order to feel fucking good because what is the point in life if it isn’t to get to a place of feeling good? And that can be taking pleasure in sadness, taking comfort in the darkness, being thrilled by being scared, we take pleasure in the aesthetically dramatic and we show that all the time with our symbolism, our styles and our emotions. 


Your Satanic Altar is a place which reminds you of your connection to Satanism, it's a place where we have pieces that have iconography which is representative of our culture and is mostly used as a focus space for Ritual, Magick and a reminder of our religious worship.


Since the dawn of man ritual has always been used as a way to connect to your inner self-expression. This is mostly with a connection to an emotion, rituals are a form of expression of that emote something by using ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order. We use ritual to forward ourselves in life with psychodrama which results in a settling of emotion or completion in desired outcome in which the ritual intended. 

Ritual and Magick Downloads

Just click the PDF button in order to download my written grimoires and notes of my book of shadows. All content is inspired by historical workings. Remember your mind is capable of anything so sharing your ensure your will is pure and you're absolutely get what you desire within the construct with manifestation



Sigil Magick Making, conducted to the members of BAFOSatan 31/10/2023

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Hecate Crossroads Ritual, from service about Crossroads 07/01/2024

Ritualistic Bath and leviathan meditation. Relaxation and taming the beast within.

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