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Image of the father of harlots

The idea for this blog was to journal everything I'd written and learned from Satanism and put it in one place in order for people to access it quickly and easily.

Occult interests inspired me to become educated in varied subjects and therefore illuminated by the topics within the occult especially surrounding demonology and Satanic themes. I am truly dedicated to the right sectioned vortex of my brain believed to be the more creative side which nurtures my artistic capability. Expressing myself through artwork which is detrimental to my journey and remaining dedicated to the left-hand path gives me a balanced viewpoint. 

Let it be known that I am and will be always a student of Satanism, there is no definitive answer to the subject. Everything on this blog is not reflective of any Satanic group and is purely for my own enjoyment. On the 26th of July, the unveiling day of The Satanic Temple, this year I was made head facilitator of the 'British Associated Fellowship Of Satan', this is the British candidate group for The Satanic Temple, I was made a minister of Satan 30th of September 2023 from The Satanic Temples Ministry under the name Minister Sitri Tommy Belucifer.

Making the top 100 creative pioneers in 2010 by The Metro Newspaper, a prediction of people who would change our world creatively in future years, my career has continued to push boundaries in creative categories and will continue to do so. Being a practising Satanist for 20 years, I'd like to think my knowledge at 33 years old has become fruitful enough to be able to discuss, create lectures upon and seek opportunities within the occult community.

I have been a part of Satanic services as seen here - and have been a part of Satanic events, communities and meet up all around the UK and Ireland.

I can only hope this blog enables future opportunities, inspires others and gives a better understanding of a lifestyle which has a Satanic belief system at its core to someone outside of the community. I'd like to present myself in this blog as just a practising Satanist and my views are my own. My career has varied from mostly being a graphic designer ( or, a model (Including covers as seen to the bottom left alongside La Carmina) and a visual communication artist. My credentials include a 2:1 BA honours degree in visual communication from the University of West London complimented by an NCFE in photography, 5 A levels and a BTECH honours in music performance and my most proud achievement yet: a Satanic scholarship from The Satanic Temple and I'm currently working on a diploma in the Inquisition, I hope you'll see my potential with these achievements. 


Be kind to each other and have fun.

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